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We can help you to make your workplace safe

Boris Johnson has declared that those who cannot work from home should return to work “if it is
safe for them to do so”. But where does that leave you as a business owner or manager? How can
you guarantee the safety of your team?

Understandably, it can all feel a bit daunting – uncharted territory – but we are here to lend a hand.
Several measures can help – reducing the number of people operating in any given space, marking
out 2m zones, putting up signs to remind everyone of social distancing rules, varying the working
hours for different members of the team to try to ease pinch points – but none of these measures
beats introducing a rigorous regime of regular cleaning and disinfecting.

A certain amount can be achieved during the working day by members of your team, but if you really
want to be confident that you are safeguarding your staff to the best of your ability, let us help you.
CM Facilities Ltd is a cleaning company based in southeast London that takes cleaning business
premises and homes extremely seriously. Our staff are trained in regular office cleaning duties, deep
cleaning, change of tenancy cleaning and post-construction cleaning projects. They are up to speed
with the latest products and techniques.

Whether you want cleaners every night after your staff have gone home, once a week or just at the
end of a six-month tenancy or building project, we can help. Our rates start from £12 an hour.
If you are not sure what would work best for you and your staff, give us a call to discuss timetables,
procedures, frequency of cleaning and all the other details that go to ensure you are doing the best
you can for your team’s wellbeing.

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